Independent label for sustainable florists

The independent 'Sustainable Florist' label consists of 3 levels of certification: gold, bronze and silver. A complete checklist allows florists to measure their levels of sustainability and gives tips on how to improve. On top of that, it offers a way to market sustainability and turn it into added value. 

Caring for society

By certifying with the independent label Sustainable Florist it shows that a florist cares for the society in which it operates by pursuing a sustainable business model. Their aim to is run the business in a more sustainable way and buying sustainable flowers and plants.

Broad support

The requirements for the Sustainable Florist label are defined in collaboration with environmental organisations, umbrella organisations, social organisations (NGOs), sector-specific research agencies, florists, growers, auction houses and wholesalers.

Bronze, silver, or gold?

Florists are certified to level bronze, silver, or gold. The level of certification depends on the percentage of purchase of sustainable flowers and plants as well as the amount of points for business practices.

Sustainability themes

  • Sustainable flowers and plants
  • Waste, waste separation, and packaging
  • Renewable energy and energy savings
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning
  • More sustainable transport and delivery
  • Looking after employees

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