Themes and requirements

The Sustainable Florist Barometer is an independent, official quality mark for florists to demonstrate that their flowers and plants and their business practices in-store are more sustainable.

By obtaining one of three levels of certification (bronze, silver, or gold) florists distinguishes themselves from others, and meet the growing demand for sustainability.

To obtain certification a florist must meet mandatory requirements and achieve a minimum number of points by adopting optional measures.

Sustainable range of flowers and plants

Incremental certification to bronze (15% of purchases), silver (30% of purchases) and gold (50% of purchases) for purchasing more sustainable flowers and plants with a recognised quality mark:

  • Organic/EKO
  • EHPEA Silver + Gold Level
  • Florverde Sustainable Flowers
  • Transitioning to organic
  • Kenya Flower Council Silver + Gold Standard
  • Max Havelaar/Fair Trade
  • MPS-A
  • On the way to PlanetProof

Sale of dyed fresh flowers is not permitted.

Waste separation and packaging

  • Mandatory waste separation (cardboard/paper, green, glass, plastics, other)
  • Only unbleached paper, chlorine-free, or with EU Ecolabel, Nordic Swan or Blauer Engel label
  • Plastic packaging: only polypropylene is permitted

Renewable energy

  • Use of renewable electricity is mandatory
  • Action plan to reduce energy consumption
  • Extra points for energy-efficient light bulbs

Environmentally friendly cleaning

  • Cleaning agents containing chlorine is not permitted
  • Extra points for more environmentally friendly cleaning agents

More sustainable transport

Various optional measures:

  • Company cars with clean engine (Euro5 or 6), or electric
  • Employees training in the New Driving Programme
  • Encouraging commuting by public transport or bicycle
  • Efficient sustainable hired transport (bicycle courier, Lean & Green)

Looking after employees

  • Collective labour agreement for the Flower Retail Sector is mandatory
  • Various optional measures, such as employees who have difficulty entering the job market, work placements, periodic consultation

Reliable, transparent, and inspected

 The SMK Board of Experts sets objective criteria

The criteria for the Sustainable Florist Barometer are established through set procedures, with the input of the SMK Board of Experts for agro/food ‘Plant’. This Board sets the objective criteria for more sustainable purchasing and business practices. As part of the procedure, there is a public hearing at which there is an opportunity to respond to the draft proposal for a revised certification scheme for the The Sustainable Florist.

Certification under the supervision of the Dutch Accreditation Council

Independent certification bodies check whether florists meet the criteria of The Sustainable Florist. This method ensures broad and reliable public support. Periodic inspection under the supervision of the Dutch Accreditation Council.

Meets European standard for certification | ISO/IEC standards

The development, management and revision of the Sustainable Florist certification scheme, and inspection and certification, are undertaken in accordance with European standards (ISO/IEC17065).

Milieu Centraal has given a positive assessment 

Excellent ranking by the Dutch public information organisation 'Milieu Centraal'. The label Sustainable Florist has earned the maximum score for ‘Monitoring’ and an excellent score for ‘Environment’. Their mission is to enable consumers to make sustainable choices. This information is independent, reliable and practical. Milieu Centraal has no commercial interests.